COVID-Safe Recruitment – Remote Working

Since April 2020, we have been working with many of our clients remotely and we are confident that a COVID-SAFE recruitment process can work for all businesses allowing you to still hire the best talent for your team – no matter where you are!

COVID-Safe Recruitment is about being physically safe during the process while meeting business needs.  Being able to recruitment for essential positions is vital for businesses to survive (& thrive!), maintain status-quo and even for those wishing to grow.  While it may feel unusual to recruit remotely, we are confident that it works and these are the advantages of a COVID-Safe Recruitment process:

1: Access to a National Network of Professionals

Whether you need someone Temporary or Permanently, the benefit of a remote worker is that they can be based anywhere in the UK.  You can now choose from a larger pool of experienced professionals without distance and travel time restricting your search.

2: Remote Temporary Workers

We can provide you with remote temporary workers who are tried, tested and referenced to support your team immediately.  Whether you are coping with an uplift in workload, absence due to sickness / self-isolation or care issues, we can provide you with exceptional talent today.  This means your business can run un-interrupted and even grow during these uncertain times.

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3: Interviewing – Online Video

The majority of interviews are now conducted over the phone or online via video.  This is set up to simulate a Face-to-Face interview as much as possible from encouraging formal wear, using a quiet and private space and switching off mobile phones plus added questions tailored to how a remote-working environment would work for both parties.  We provide detailed guidelines to both clients and candidates on managing a video interview.  If you would prefer to meet face-to-face, socially distanced interviews are also being conducted where possible.

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What our clients say

As a 5* rated business on Trustpilot, we firmly believe that with our market leading knowledge and expertise, your recruitment process will be highly efficient and we are confident that we are best placed to secure you exceptional talent at all levels, across both your Temporary and Permanent vacancies, supporting you and your business through this uncertain time.

“Working remotely afforded us the luxury of fully leveraging the network that Portfolio have nationally and enabled us to have a great candidate that ticked all boxes offered within 48 hours of the requirements going to Portfolio.  This candidate has been on-boarded and is already an extremely productive member of the team. We have found in the short space of time that we have been working remotely that productivity has increased in most cases and allowed us to work in a more agile way” | Head of Payroll – Education Sector


“All in all, there is not one thing that I can say has suffered as a result of the onboarding process moving online” | HR Manager – Retail Sector


If you are interested in strengthening your department and bringing in a temporary or permanent professional, or would like more information on the process, please call us for a confidential conversation on how we can help on 0207 247 9455.