Why choose a career in Sales

A career in sales is attractive to many, it can provide you with exciting and lucrative opportunities which can elevate your personal and professional life. To be successful in a sales role it is necessary to be strategic, knowledgeable, confident, and highly motivated, if this sounds like you then here are 5 reasons why you should want a job in sales.

High income potential

When it comes to your income in your sales role, you are in control of your monetary success. If you have a high rate of success, then you will be taking home a high salary. Usually, you have a base salary and an opportunity to earn commission, where the sky is the limit as to how much extra you could earn.

Some companies may put a limit on how much commission you can earn, but usually it is once its already reached a high point. Being in a commissioned role might be off-putting for some, but being a great salesperson in the right role can mean bringing in around £60-80K a year.

Career progression

Having a career in sales requires you to constantly grow and evolve with the market to keep up to date with the needs of the customers. Due to the everchanging market companies often pay for their salespeople to receive additional training which means the developmental opportunities for that salesperson grows.

If you are in an entry-level salesperson, then you will have the opportunity to move into a more senior role which will give you the opportunity to train and mentor new employees. There is also opportunity to manage entire departments and become a sales consultant . If you are not seeking to grow into a management position, then there is always the option to shift laterally into business development.

Low barrier to entry

Most positions in sales have a low barrier to entry and do not require any specialised training or qualifications to get started in the role. This means the sales industry is easy to get your foot in the door and is one of the most accessible professions for people beginning their careers or looking to switch work.

It is vital that if you are planning to go for a sales role that you have a passion for sales in the first place. Also, a commitment to learning and being good with people is important to excelling in the industry.

Clear expectations for you in the role

For some the idea of having quotas and targets can be intimidating but it is good to remember that they are generated by representatives of the business that are professionals and want the organisation to be successful so ultimately will not set you up with unrealistic targets.

The best representatives approach their quotas as an invitation to be part of their company’s growth and they would know exactly what defines success in the organisation so will be informing you of the targets, what to expect and how you can achieve it.

Job Security

If you know what you are doing, then the only job that can offer you complete security is sales. Having the ability to encourage, inspire and motivate others positively to make decisions is a skill set that is transferrable and is always in high demand for businesses.

Having a high performing salesperson can dramatically increase a business’ sustainability, profitability, and growth during all economic conditions. This means if you are a great salesperson then you have top level of job security as sales jobs are always available and are forecasted to continue growing into the near future.

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