What to expect from a sales interview

Interviewers will usually ask an extensive range of questions to get a good grasp on your experience, who you are as a person and whether they think you will fit in well with the team. It is important before your interview that you research about the company you are interviewing for to display a good understanding of the company and its values. The style of questions is usually split into two; value-based questions and then sales-based questions, below are questions that may get asked in the interview and tips on answering them.

Value-based questions

Initial questions that you may get asked are more value-based questions which help the interviewer understand your previous experience, your background, your successes and what inspired you to apply for the role. Answering these appropriately is important as you must display the right level of enthusiasm and drive to impress the employer. Here are some value-based questions you may get asked and key points to include in your answer:

1. What is your biggest achievement to date?

Here is where you mention a work-related accomplishment that you are proud of. It’s good to provide figures to back up your success if you can.

2. Why did you apply for this role and why should we consider you?

This is where you provide the employer with your enthusiasm for the company, what set them out from other companies and why you want to represent them. Mention what sets you apart from the other candidates and why they should choose you.

3. Tell me about a time when you had to adapt to change. What was the situation and how did you overcome and adapt?

Your response should be a time that was tough, but you ended up adapting and flourishing from the change. This could be in a work environment or in your personal life.

Sales-based questions

Employers ask general sales interview questions to determine whether you are a good fit for the role and the company. These questions require thoughtful responses, as the interviewer is assessing your confidence, skills, and ability to work under pressure. Some questions to expect and things to consider while answering are as follows:

1. What personal values would you bring to the role, do you think?

This is where you can sell yourself by speaking about your top qualities and positive attributes and how they will contribute to the teams dynamic.

2. If it was late in the shift and you have not successfully been able to arrange any sales or appointments, how would you deal with hat seems to be a tough day?

It is important to remain positive and enthusiastic even in tough times as it is only temporary. Reevaluate your methods and stay persistent, come across enthusiastic in your interview and present yourself as an individual that is hardworking and confident in your abilities.

3. What would you like to achieve professionally over the next three years?

This presents you with an opportunity to display, eagerness and the want to develop within the company. When speaking to the employer make sure to emphasise how ambitious you are and how you want to bring even more success to the company.

It is also important you are your authentic self and do not answer too regimented. The interviewer wants to know more about you and your personality so do not be afraid to show that!

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